The Right Guy

Who is the right guy for me? Below you will find a list of things i am looking for in a man,
He need not have all of these qualifications, but this gives an idea of the sort of man
i am looking for.

The man I dream of loves to cuddle, to hold me and to be held.
He reads books often, and will have finished the Lord of the Rings.
He can talk for hours about how things are, were, will be and about
nothing at all important, as long as we enjoy the talking.
He loves to dance, even if the way he dances does not win awards.
He has a sparkle inside, an unquenchable enjoyment of life and
an understanding that life should never be taken too seriously.
He should have an open heart, not be afraid to cry, and not afraid to
scream at the top of his lungs.
He should be gentle, never even thinking of striking in rage.
He should love candle light dinners, long moonlit walks and the
sound of the ocean.
He is creative in his own way and knows that art is something
that dies only when we stop changing.
He laughs often and loudly, he is quiet and kind.
He understands that all humans have quirks, and has a few himself.
He is not quick to judge others, having been judged too often himself.
He understands pain, for he has walked in the midst of it.
He can choose a path and commit to it, but not be so blinded by pride
that he will follow that path to destruction.
He takes care of his body, aware that it holds his essence,
but he does not obsess over it, aware that it is only flesh.
He loves to learn new things never satisfied that he knows enough,
but always makes time to share with those he loves.
He is patient with the world and understand Murphy's law is not
a conspiracy, but a chance to revel in Chaos and the dynamics of life.
He will bring chicken soup if i am ill,
and will drink the soup i bring when he is.
He knows that magic is not dead, that there is a spark of the fantastic
inside everyone we meet.
The man i dream of is out there.... is it you?

The man of my dreams will sing to me, and even if his voice is off key,
i will love it because it is his.
He will lay in bed cuddled with me and watch saturday morning cartoons,
and then surprise me by taking me out to fly kites in the park.
His eyes will shimmer with tears when he watches a sad movie,
and shimmer with laughter when we watch a happy one.
He will not be afraid of his body, knowing that i cherish it,
when we make love he will be gentle, but show great passion,
and He will wish to hold me, and make love with me often.
He will be able to name the constellations and will chose one star
that he names for me alone.
He will let me cook him breakfast in bed for no other reason
then that i want to share that morning with him.
He will be kind to children and perhaps even want some of his own,
he will not be afraid to skip around a park with me
singing nonsense songs.
He will understand my passion for the computer and books and
so many of the other wonderful things of the world,
and he will share some of these passions and have others which are his own.
He may not agree with my beliefs about the universe, nor I with his,
but both of us will be enriched by our beliefs.
He will lay with me by a roaring fireplace beside me as we drink hot chocolate
and bask in the warmth of our love which is as warm as the dancing flames.
The man of my dreams will join me as i rearrange the furniture,
for no other reason then it has been that way too long.
He loves the woods and living things,
He loves the city and the vibrant human energy to be found there.
He likes to travel and see the world and its people in their glory,
but loves to return to the comfort and joy of our home.
The man i dream of is out there.... is it you?