House Silverflame
 House Silverflame was founded by Teloric Silverflame long ago. It is a Family, a home, a House.

-=You step into a strange room that seems to have no light source but is well lit. The room is a perfect cube and all the walls are lined with scrolls and books.  There are many benches to study at with parchments, papyris, paper, or clay to write upon depending on your preferance. Most of the book and scroll titles seem to writhe with characters that do not come into focus no matter how hard you stare. However you find a section that is legible, several books and scrolls rest here bearing titles such as=-

What is the Silverflame?
The House Genetics
Who is Mystra?
Tiers of Membership in the House
The Role of Channeling in the House
The First Tier of the House
The Second Tier of the House

Glossary of Terms

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